Culture of Caring

Take a Break

I spend a lot of time thinking about suicide and how to prevent it. I want to share everything I learn with you because we are increasing awareness when we talk about it. But it's hard to think about sorrow so much. It hurts your heart. The world is full of sorrow, sickness, loss, grief, and death. Sometimes we have to take a break, step away from it all, and hit the refresh button.

So let’s talk about celebrating what’s going well. I’m going to make a list. Will you make one too?

Have vax, will travel!

1. Having our vaccinations gave us the confidence to take a vacation for the first time since 2019.

2. Steve and I headed north, away from the desert heat and rampant wildfires.

3. Our days are bursting with hiking, grand vistas, and relaxing. Also good food, refreshing beverages, and occasional naps!

4. Each day is a new adventure full of unexpected surprises, like a random encounter with Matt, a generous young man who gifted us with free tickets for the day’s activities.

5. The town we stayed in was the friendliest place we have ever been to. It seems like everybody gets up in the morning with a positive attitude.

List your top five here:

What’s going well for you these days?







Refreshed, invigorated, and back at it

My head is clearer now, and some of the sorrows of the world have been lifted from my shoulders. I’m ready to jump back in with both feet.

A Culture of Caring: A Suicide Prevention Guide for Schools (K-12) was created as a resource for educators who want to know how to get started and what steps to take to create a suicide prevention plan that will work for their schools and districts. It is written from my perspective as a school principal and survivor of suicide loss, not an expert in psychology or counseling. I hope that any teacher, school counselor, psychologist, principal, or district administrator can pick up this book, flip to a chapter, and easily find helpful answers to the questions they are likely to have about what schools can do to prevent suicide.

Theodora Schiro