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Theodora Schiro, author of A Culture of Caring: A Suicide Prevention Guide for Schools (K-12), shares practical suicide prevention strategies for school mental health professionals.

Nebraska School Mental Health Conference

June 7–8, 2023

Younes Conference Center North
707 Talmadge Street Kearney, NE 68845

Can a child have suicidal thoughts? And can they really mean they want to die, or are they just trying to get attention?

In a middle or high school classroom with a group of thirty students, five of them have thought about taking their own lives, and two or three of them have attempted to. And maybe there’s an empty chair at your school because one of them did.

Teachers know those kids. They have names and faces. They are not just statistics.   

In a Culture of Caring, teachers and other school personnel can help if they’re trained to identify students who may be at risk and know what to do about it.